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“I love it!  I’ve come here twice and my cats feel right at home immediately.  The cat habitat is welcoming and comfortable, and my small dog leroy loved the open spaces to run in.  He got along well with the other dogs too.  Its a shame I’m moving because I love being able to bring my pets here.” 

Beverly Schreckenjest

“Leroy, Cyrano, Sebastian” Dog, cats

Waikiki, HI


“Pampered Pets is the best!  I’ve boarded my pets here many times and they love it.  My kitty gets to spend time with other kitties and be his full-on lazy self, and the birds love their company too.  I trust Ann completely.  She is good-hearted and I love the text/picture updates she sends periodically.  I highly recommend this place for any and all animal friends!”

Lisa Munger

“Jasper, Milo Marigold” Cat, Cockatiels 


“We went to visit our new duty station for 2 weeks.  During the entire trip we received pictures and videos of both pets.  They looked so happy and at home!  The services are very affordable and this is the best kennel of 4 we have used on the island.  Skip the rest and just to to Pampered Pets Hawaii!”

Michelle and Kevin Morgan

“Molly and Mao Mao”

US Army and Navy


“Excellent care on two trips off island, one for work and one for a family vacation.  Moo had such a good time, she didn’t want to leave!  Thanks for taking such great care of my kitties!”

Lauren Lawson

“Moo and Cosmo” Cats

Honolulu, HI


“I was so happy to find Pampered Pets Hawaii.  I loved that my kitties did not have to stay confined to a kennel.  I felt confident that my cats would be safe for the time they were here.  Thank you!”

Elizabeth Mahoney

“Cheethoh and Taco”

Honolulu, HI



“I will always bring my precious cat “Z” back here.  She was treated so lovingly and definitely pampered!  She was so happy and stress-free, despite having to go through a stressful moving/relocating experience with not-so-nice former neighbors.  All of the cats were loving, happy, and well cared for.  I will highly recommend Pampered Pets to everyone I know.  Thank you so much for your compassion and loving care.”

Jenna Petrossian


Kailua, HI


“We use Pampered Pets Hawaii boarding service quite frequently.  The cats are allowed to roam free in this room with toys and cat scratchers.  They are great with our animals. On one occasion they took care of Goldie, a very difficult cat and they managed to clip Goldie's nails.  They have lots of patience with the animals and are very caring.  Our cats came back to us healthy and happy.  I find that Pampered Pets Hawaii’s fee is reasonable compare to others and the fact that our cats are not locked in the crate but free to roam in a private room is just wonderful.

I can relax and not have to worry about my cats on my vacation.  I am recommending Pampered Pets Hawaii to my friends and family.”

Helene Navaro

Hawaii Kai, HI


“I hate having my kitties away from me but I was comfortable with you taking care of them and I knew I could count on your care. 

My kitties didn't seem traumatized or anything at all from being away from me, and they have adjusted so well to our new place! 

They looked good, and smelled fresh when they came back to me; I was very satisfied. 

oh, and I'm extremely happy about all the fleas being gone! Finally! It's great to be able to cuddle with my kitties without worrying about fleas jumping on me.  

Thank you so much for all you did for my little family. I will be sure to use your service again in the future.” 

Casey Han

“Poki and Vanilla”

Waikiki, HI


“My cat is like my child. The caregiver, a fellow "cat person" has a passion for cats and understands that felines are no different than family members to cat lovers. In a twenty day trip to the mid-west there was never the first instance Kiko didn't feel like she was at "home". Kiko got so comfortable I felt like I was having to convince my cat, Pampered Pets was only a temporary stay upon arriving back from my trip.”

Charles Curry


Honolulu, HI


“We went on a trip to Chicago and New York for 2 1/2 weeks and needed someone to care for our cockatoo Rikki.  I found the website on the internet and came to meet with her.  At that time, she was taking care of 2 other large birds and I could tell immediately that she loved birds (and all animals) and was confident and not afraid of birds.  When we returned from our trip, Rickki looked great and I know he was taken care of with love.  Thank you.  We didn’t worry (much) about Rikki while we were away!”

Sharon Soto



“We had our pets boarded because we took a weekend vacation to Maui.  I think it was a good experience for our cat to be near other cats.  Our dog was happy to see us when we returned and our cat seemed more comfortable then when we first left him.  Overall we are happy :) with Pampered Pets.  Ann is very friendly and I was able to tell right away she loved animals.  Thank you for taking care of our babies!”

Laura Miller

“Tiko and Oliver”

Aina Hina, HI


“Went island hopping for 5 weeks and needed a no-cage shelter where Bartholomew could socialize.  This place was perfect!  Thanks!

-Cheaper that all other places

-Great videos and pics via text while I was gone

-Bartholomew didn’t want to leave”

Jen Blatt


Honolulu, HI


“Our experience was perfect.  We needed a last minute place for our kitty to stay while we went camping.  Kona enjoyed his stay very much.”

Marissa Gullino


Honolulu, HI


“Best experience ever, needed a long term boarding facility due to moving.  They were so happy there from the second I dropped them off.  Thank you so much for everything!!!”

Amanda Boutwell

“Pilikia and Niele”

Haula, HI


“I used Pampered Pets for a one week stay for my two year old mini lop, Angel. I found Ann to be a very caring and responsible caregiver to my Angel, whom I don't easily trust with just anybody. Angel had a whole separate, safe and secure area and enjoyed her stay so much that she didn't seem to want to leave. I would recommend Pampered Pets to anyone who needs a therapeutic environment to leave there pets while away.” 

Charity Rimel


Oahu, HI


“I had my [love] birds boarded because my visiting family stressed the birds and the birds were not happy.  It was a relief to know they were in a nice caring place and I enjoyed meeting Ann, the Pampered Pets owner, and knowing she would take good care of them.  It was a great experience for me.  I should have stayed there and left my family at my house!”

Diane Condray

“Fluffy Pants and Peachie”

Kaneohe, Hawaii


“I had to board my cat while being transferred back to the mainland.  Ann was great to work with and very accommodating.  I would recommend her to all of my friends.” 

Josh Soles  U.S. Army



“Wonderful. Absolutely no issues.  Ann was always helpful and responsive and kept me up to date about my cat the whole [12 month] deployment.  My cat was well taken care of and nothing but great reviews for Ann. Thank you.”

Megan Disbrow U.S. Army



“I appreciated the care and obvious affection that was shown to our cats.  Its was a major worry that was taken off our hands.  The facilities and the caregiver set our minds at ease.”

Paul J Boyd  U.S. Army

“Deuce and Acie”


“Great Price, Great service, Great care.  I will be bringing my “girls” back again.  Thank you for letting me trust you with my pets.”

Carlina McCue

“Sweetheart and Koala”

Oahu, HI


“Great service. Very happy. Thank you so much for helping me with my birds and being fair and honest with me.  I will be happy to give a reference to any one who calls me.”

Tony Beck

“Lucky and Merlin”

Waikiki, HI


“It was reassuring to know my bungies were in good hands.  As well, it’s nice to have Louie and Coda with someone who really cares about animals, rather then just a friend feeding the birds as a favor.”

David Walter

“Louie and Coda”

Aiea, Hi


“Pampered Pets was perfect! Very accommodating to our trip. We had to change our pick up date for our cats and had no problems at all!  We will be back!”

Erica Haupt

“Esme and Custard”

Wahiawa, HI


“Jin and I were getting married and needed a place to house our birds where they would have lots of attention and space to roam and fly.  I am very happy to have Ann watch my birds and know they will be well cared for in my absence.  Thank you so much for watching my babies!”

Stanlyn Yoshizumi

“Kanaka and Sky Budgie”

Honolulu, HI


“Amazing experience! We absolutely love Pampered Pets and Ann.  Leaving our four legged babies is difficult but knowing they are in the best hands possible makes it easier.  We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you! 

Amber and Nashua Solidum

“Rogue and Mr. Bates” Cats

Honolulu, HI


“My husband and I were being relocated to the mainland for his job.  We had to find a place for our 4 cats to stay while we were packing out of our house and moving into a hotel.  My husband found Pampered Pets Hawaii online and they had transportation service as well which was a major plus.  Ann was great at getting back to us and getting everything ready for our furry family.  She was also super accommodating on the drop off time as we kept running into delays with moving.  On the day of our departure, Ann was right there when we arrived at the airport with all the happy kitties.  Thanks Ann for all your help with the kitties during our big move!

Victoria Cheng

“Mr. Furious, Molly, Max and Blue” Cats

Millilani, HI


“The staff was great!  My normally antisocial cat actually made himself at home with the other cats. They both came home happy.  Thanks guys!”

Al and Janelle Orth

“Tsunami and Lanikai” Cats

US Coast Guard


“Moving form Hilo to Oahu.  Had a great experience, Ann is fantastic with the kitties.  We highly recommend her.”

Jen Sitzmann

“Lester and Princess” Cats

US Army and Navy


“ Boarded my two cats with Ann @ Pampered Pets!  Wonderful Place!  Would recommend this place to anyone coming to the islands with pets.  Thanks for everything.”


“Milo and Kai” Cats

US Coast Guard


“First time leaving my kitty.  I felt so reassured that he was in good hands.  Great facility, quiet, spacious, and clean.  Also Ann is sweet and loving and really cares about all the pets.  Much thanks to Pampered Pets for the wonderful experience :)”

Emily Short

“Tiger” Cat

US Navy


“I went on vacation for a month and boarded my cat Nani with Pampered Pets.  Ann is wonderful and Nani had a great time in the cat cottage. I would bring her back anytime.  Rates are great.”

Oliva Anglade

“Nani” Cat

US Army


“I went on vacation and needed a boarding that would not put him in a cage like a hostage.  Pampered Pets exceeded my expectations!  Ann is great and my Japanese Bobtail was so happy with his new furry friends.

Laura Maguire

“Argus” Cat

US Marine


“Just moved to Hawaii with the military and needed a place for our cats until we found a place to live.  Pampered Pets met our needs in every way.  Our cats had a comfortable place to live which was a great alternative to a kennel or quarantine boarding facility.  We will use this place in the future when we go on vacation.

Ben Howard

“Bella and Murphy” Cats

US Army


“We had our two cats, Halo, Tiger, boarded while we went on vacation.  They had a lot of fun while we were away, and there was no worry in our mind while they were under Ann’s care.”

Kristin Mansury

“Tigger and Halo” Cats

US Marine


“We were waiting for housing and have 3 other pets so we needed to board a few!  Apparently, my cats love it here and don’t want to leave :).  Thank you- it has been a great experience- I didn’t worry at all!”

Lauren Morano and Casey Moes

“Thunder and Luna” Cats

US Army


“It can be a difficult decision to choose a boarding facility.  After dropping off “Paul” I knew I had make the right choice.  The facilities are very clean but not clinical.  The cats aren’t caged and are very well tended.  I would not hesitate to recommend.  Pampered Pets and they have gained a loyal client in me.”

M. Williams

“Paul” Cat

US Army


“We boarded our cat with with short notice before we moved to Arizona due to military orders.  The cat facility was very clean and peaceful. Our kitten seemed relaxed and happy when I picked him up.  Very happy with our experience and would highly recommend to others.  Thank you!!”

Shelley Kirkham

“Meme” Cat

US Marine


“I went to the mainland for 10 days. Found this online.  It was great!  I was able to call to check in on her.  Thanks! :)”

Lennon Thomas


Honolulu, HI

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